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Aiming For Nuclear Facilities? Was Jihadist Co-Pilot Andreas Günter Lubitz Aiming For One Of SEVEN NUCLEAR REACTORS Within In Minutes Of Flight Path?


Established Fact: the co-pilot deliberately slammed the plane into the Mountain.

Mission: To slam the plane into one of the active nuclear sites within minutes of the flight path.

Flight Path
Targets of opportunity: 

Centrale Nucléaire de Cruas
Centrale Nucléaire de Cruas
Coordinates 44°37′59″N 4°45′24″E

Centrale Nucléaire de Tricastin
Centrale Nucléaire de Tricastin 
Coordinates 44°19′47″N 4°43′56″E

Centrale nucléaire de Saint-Alban
Centrale nucléaire de Saint-Alban
Coordinates 45°24′16″N 4°45′19″E
Saved The Day?
"Je suis Charlie" 
Would've All Been Radioactive 


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